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新型コロナウイルス感染症の影響に伴い、少なくとも4月まではTOEICコースを延期することにしました。 ただし、通常のレッスンは継続となります。


Combining triplo’s practical approach to learning English, with the need for people to take the TOEIC test, we have created the Beyond TOEIC course. This course not only aims to improve your TOEIC score, and therefore help with your career possibilities, it also aims to improve your actual ability to use and understand English for communication in the work place.

triploの実用的な英語学習法を組み合わせ、TOEICテストを受ける方々のニーズに応えるBeyond TOEICコースを立ち上げる事にしました。このコースは、TOEICスコア向上のみならず、キャリアアップや会社などで実際に必要とされる英語コミュニケーションスキルの改善も狙っています。


Many courses or lessons that teach TOEIC are taught in Japanese and simply teach you grammar hacks and short cuts without helping you understand the real principles of English communication. However, once you grasp the underlying principles of English communication and grammar you will be able to apply them both to the TOEIC test and to real communication settings.




This course will cover a number of topics such as how to learn vocabulary, how to improve your reading skills, how to write business emails and letters, how to ask and answer conversation questions, all of which are connected to what the TOEIC test attempts to test. Additionally, we will give you a full practice test at the beginning and end of the course to help you benchmark your learning.



We are confident that this course will see your TOEIC score improve and your confidence and ability to use English improve as well. All of which means better opportunities for you in your career.



土曜日: 15:00 - 16:30 (90分)
(Week 1とWeek 10 = 120分)

Week 1: - 模擬テスト1

Week 2: - 主要な語彙とその学習方法(パート5)

Week 3: - リーディングスキル(パート7)

Week 4: - 発音における問題(リスニングセクション)

Week 5: - 物語と説明 (パート1)

Week 6: - 異なる意味を持つ同じ単語(すべて)

Week 7: - コミュニケーションの鍵 (パート2)

Week 8: - メールと手紙の書き方 (パート6)

Week 9: - 会話の進め方(パート3および4)

Week 10: - 模擬テスト2



¥6,950 (税別)
Per session (1回毎)


60,000円 (税別)


¥9,950 (税別)
Per session (1回毎)


90,000円 (税別)