Five things you (probably) didn't know about Christmas

- Tim Lake


Christmas is one of those cultural imports to Japan that has lost quite a lot in translation, a long with that strange switch in roles at Valentines Day. To help you learn a bit more about Christmas, here are a few facts about Christmas that you probably didn’t know. Read on to find out:



Five Reasons Why I Started triplo

- Tim Lake


I think we are doing something quite different with triplo. I thought you might find it interesting to know some of the reasons why I started triplo and some of the thinking behind it, so in this blog post I will briefly give you 5 of the main reasons we are doing what we are doing.



アメリカの音大生 - Life in the US

- Hana Fujisaki



Word of the Week

WOTW: register

今週の #WOTW は 'register’ です。’Register’ is a noun and a verb. Hopefully some of the following information will stay registered in your memory!


WOTW: calf

今週の #WOTW は 'calf’ です。’Calf’ (‘calves’ in plural) is a noun meaning a few things, some of which are not that obvious. It’s also used in a phrase that’s pretty handy for farmers and jesters alike..


WOTW: whatever

今週の #WOTW は 'whatever’ です。’Whatever’ is a pronoun (we haven’t had many of those), an adverb, and an exclamation. We also use it in one phrase. Today’s is not a very long installment, so it’ll be over before you know it.