How to practice pronuncing L & R sounds

- Tim Lake


Japanese learners of English have particular difficulty with pronouncing /L/ and /R/. As this is a particular problem for Japanese English learners we though we’d give you some advice on how to improve your /L/ and /R/ sounds so they sound different.

日本人の多くが、LとRの発音が上手くできないと悩んでいます。 これは日本人の典型的な問題の1つですが、今回はLとRを発音し分けるためのヒントをご紹介しましょう。


Word of the Week

WOTW: street

今週の #WOTW は最後の「street」です。’Street’ is a very common noun that is also used as a modifier and in a few phrases. Let’s have a look!


WOTW: humid

今週の #WOTW は最後の「humid」です。Unlike many of the words that we have seen so far, ‘humid’ is just an adjective. It means having high levels of water vapour in the air, when the air is warm and damp. Pretty straight forward, so why have we chosen it this week?


WOTW: hotel

今週の #WOTW は最後の「hotel」です。Since this word is used internationally, we all know what the noun means but, what about the verb? Yes, it is also a verb. Before the verb, though, let's have a look at the noun which, by the way, has a couple of meanings you might not know!