triplo オープンキャンパス

Get a taste of triplo for free at the triplo Open Campus.

We are triplo, a Creative Learning Eikawa near Shinjukugoyenmae station, where people like you can learn English and learn new things through English, (as part of a community of likeminded learners). We would like to invite you to our Open Campus, a day of free lessons and workshops, that gives everyone in the local community a chance to experience what learning with triplo is like.


How does it work? Have a look at the schedule and choose what interests you. Places are limited to 4 people per lesson and 10 people per seminar/workshop/talk, so make sure you book in advance, by sending us an email or filling in the form below.



13:00 初心者向け Learn (文法) 満席 13:00 中級者向け Extend (リーディング)
14:00 初心者向け Create (ディスカッション) 14:00 中級者向け Learn (語彙)
15:00 英語を効果的に学ぶ方法 (セミナー) 15:00 Saturday Review (お茶会)
16:30 初級者向け Extend (リーディング) 16:30 上級者向け Extend (リスニング) 満席
17:30 中級/上級者向け Create (ディスカッション)