triplo collective

February 3 - April 1 2017

presence/absence - exhibition

The act of living is also the act of dealing with what there is (presence) and what there is not (absence). As we grow, things will change and, in a succession of presences and absences, we will miss some things while long for other.

Some presences might never go away, thus accompanying us for years, a lifetime. Likewise, some absences might be satisfied while other will haunt us forever. Objects, people, and situations come and go, and we dance with and to them the best way we can, sometimes with ease, sometimes struggling with a complicated, uncalled for choreography. For both presence and absence hinder and facilitate the act of living.

Presence and absence in relation with loved ones can be comforting or scathingly painful, protective or unbearably annoying... Memories lay on the blurry line where presence and absence meet. They're a reminder of what we've lost but their not unchangeable. They mutate in time becoming projections of ・ what we have lived・ onto・・ the future, experiences on which to build on and keep going. Ultimately, we choose what presences and what absences define our being in this world.

In the physical environment, our cities and homes, the very action of life, our movements, and time, create presences and absences in an often fragile balance. The presence of an underground station revitilises a neighbourhood, the absence of green areas have a negative impact on the life and health of the people in that same neighbourhood.

Simplistically speaking, is presence good and absence bad, or vice-versa? Presence and absence are of no positive nor negative nature per se. The absence of authority can lead to chaos, however, the omnipresence of authority leads to tyranny. The presence of fear paralyses us while its absence allows us venture into the unknown and grow.


3 February 2017 - 1 April 2017


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