Jamie Lee Reed

November 25 2017 - January 27 2018


To the outside observer, the sleepwalker appears to be balanced between two worlds, simultaneously navigating the temporal while being propelled in a dream state. The sleepwalker seems to pilot the conscious world with clear intentions, but awakes with surprise at what has unfolded in their waking mind’s absence. Whatever set the dreamer in motion is obscured by the wonder of their destination.

The artist too enters the process of creation by straddling two spheres. Moving through unfamiliar territory, they are compelled by influences outside of the conscious realm to realize an object of art. Landing the artist in an unexpected place, their creation is at once an expression of the exploration and the explorer.

However, just as the sleepwalker’s purpose fades upon awakening, an artwork cannot be fully grasped by the artist’s personal intent. Its meaning is the stuff of dreams, boundless and separate from a single individual. Each interpretation is a new opportunity for viewers to enter their own dreams, potentially awakening them to a unique and transformative experience.


25 November 2017 - 27 January 2018


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