September 16 - November 11 2016

territories exhibition

Space (or territory) is a social and political construct, manifesting itself in three different ways: perceived space, conceived space, and lived space (Lefebvre, 1974). The first one is the space that is empirically observable. This space (or territory) is concrete and physical and belongs to the material domain. These are our streets and parks, but also our houses and bodies.

The second one is an abstraction, belonging to the domain of idealism, a mental construct which could, for example, be mathematical or geometrical, but also artistic. It is the realm of ideas and perceptions.

The third one is where physical and mental awareness of space combine and space is understood as a social product, something that changes with time. When this space is used, when people live in it and interact with one another, it becomes loaded with symbols and significance. It becomes a place with emotional value, an intimate space.

The battle for public space is real. These are sustained, ongoing processes, but there are also conjuntural ones, linked to particular events, or happening in everyday life. We think we are in control of our territories but, space sovereignty loss is subtle and arbitrary. It doesn't follow a rulebook and it doesn't announce itself in advance.

A town square, the ultimate public space, can be momentarily privatised and all the rules and regulations that protect public space and the right to use it freely be left in suspense.

Territory can also succumb to the greater public interest. Our houses can be demolished and the land of our ancestors taken away in order to make way for new infrastructure.

Our bodies, especially the female body, can also be a legal battleground and an over-regulated territory.

Finally, time and memory also affect territory. Our childhoods' territories, for instance, become imagined ones and develop independently, frequently ending up being different territories altogether, with little connection to the space we once experienced.

'territories' is a attempt at raising awareness about the spaces we inhabit and the dynamics that forge them. Only understanding our personal and collectively shared spaces can we have closer relationships with one another and protect our commons as well as help each other protect our space sovereignty, our #territories.
“テリトリー”は、私たちが住むスペースとそれを作り出す要素について気付こうとする試みである。個人的なスペース、人との共有スペースについて理解するだけで、より親しい関係を生み、お互いの共有物を守り合えるだけでなく、私たちの領域支配権 #“テリトリー” を保護するために助け合うこともできる。


16 September 2016 - 11 November 2016



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