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this is tokyo

triplo collective

September 9th - November 11th 2017

this is tokyo

Tokyo and its metropolitan area are chaotically harmonious, harmoniuosly chaotic. Their urbanity represents a compact yet sprawling urban net where a miracle happens everyday: the balance between the complicated and the simple, the loud and the silent, the beautiful and the ugly, the full and the void…
東京とその大都市エリアは、無秩序でありながら調和しており、調和しながら無秩序である。その様子は日々、奇跡 ー 複雑さと単純さ、煩さと静けさ、美しさと醜さ、そして充足と虚空のバランス ー が起こり続ける中での、コンパクトかつ広大な繋がりを象徴している。

Tokyo is a city of contrasts, where differences between Japan, for which it doubles as a showcase, and the rest of the world are at their most evident. Modernity and tradition, industrial development and respect for nature, brand new gadgets and simplicity. It has been said so many times that it is already common knowledge, part of a global pop culture..

Most importantly, Tokyo is our home, your home, and you share it with millions of other souls. We share the physical space of this megalopolis but that doesn't mean that there's just one Greater Tokyo. Potentially, there are as many Tokyos as there are people living in it. There are, therefore, 36 million takes on this city of which ‘This is Tokyo’ represents a sample.
さらに重要なのは、東京は私たちとあなたのホームであり、あなたはそれを何百万もの魂と共有しているということだ。この大都市の物理的な空間を。しかし、大東京は1つではない。言うなれば、そこに住むそれぞれの人々の、たくさんの東京が存在しているのだ。”This is Tokyo”の作品は、3,600万人の人々が考える「東京」の中の一例である。


9 September 2017 - 14 November 2017

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