WOTW: circle

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - circle


今週の #WOTW は「circle」です。’Circle’ is a noun or a verb. There is also an idiom to describe what some shy people or people who are trying to hide something do sometimes. Keep on reading to know more!


As a noun:


- The first houses humans made were built into circles. (a round shape or a shape made by a continuous curved line that’s always at the same distance from a central point.).

- If you always stay in your social circle, you will never meet anyone interesting. (a group of people with same interests)

- I know the seats on the circle are far from the stage, but they are cheaper. (the upper floor in a theatre)


As a verb, now:


- He heard a strange noise outside, so he grabbed a baseball bat, went out, and circled the house just in case there were zombies or something. (move in a circle or around something)

- Circle all the adverbs in this text. Then, make sentences with them. (draw a line around something)

You can also use ‘encircle’ as a verb.


Now, for the idiom we talked about earlier:


- [go around in circles] Stop going around in circles and tell me what happened! (to keep talking about or doing the same thing without achieving anything)

Variations of this idiom include changing ‘go’ with ‘run’ and ‘around’ with ‘round’.


発音は /ˈsɜː.kəl/です。KとLの間のəはとても弱い音ですので聞こえないときがあります。発音されない時もあります。音節は2つです。また来週!