WOTW: coaster

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - coaster


今週の #WOTW は 'coaster’ です。’Coaster’ is a noun with five different and somewhat unrelated meanings. Isn’t that fascinating? Let’s have a look!


- Please use the coaster. It’s a very expensive table. (A small mat for a bottle or glass.)

- They use coasters to distribute goods along the coast. (A ship used to carry cargo along the coast from port to port.)

- It’s rather unusual to meet West coasters in Japan since almost all the population lives along the east coast. (A person or people who inhabit a specified coast.)

- When I was little, I used to look forward to the snow every winter so I could use my coaster. ( North American English for “toboggan”, a kind of sled.)

- Do you prefer the coasters at Fuji Q of Disneyland? (Short for “roller coaster”.)