WOTW: deal II

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - deal


Welcome to the second part of ‘deal’ の二つ目パーツへようこそ!Right, let’s jump right into it. Ready for the phrases?


- [a big deal] He made a big deal of them forgetting the appointment. (A thing considered important.)

- [big deal!]

A: You get your own mug at the office!
B: Big deal! (Used to express one's contempt of mockery for something regarded as impressive or important by another person.)

- [a deal of] I got a good deal of money for my old car. (A large amount of.)

- [a good (or great) deal] He knows a great deal about medieval art. (A large amount.)

- [a good (or great) deal] You know a good deal of what’s going on. (To a considerable extent.)

- [cut a deal] The singer has cut a 3-album deal with the record company. (Make an agreement.)

- [it's a deal]

A: I’ll give you a discount if you buy four computers.
B: It’s a deal. (Or just ‘Deal’. Used to express one's assent to an agreement. This is informal.)

- [no big deal] Don’t worry about the vase. It’s no big deal. (It indicates that something is of little consequence. This is also informal.)

- [the deal] I know it’s a difficult situation, but you know the deal. (The situation or state of affairs. This is informal too.)

- [the real deal] I have to go on this date. I think she might be the real deal. (A person considered to be a genuine or supremely good example of their kind. This is informal as well.)

- [the real deal] You need to try this food. It’s the real deal. (A thing considered to be a genuine or supremely good example of their kind. This is, yes, you guessed it, informal.)