WOTW: rub 3

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - rub 3


今週は’rub’の最後のエピソドです。This week’s #WOTW is dedicated to phrasal verbs using 'rub’. Let’s go!


- [rub along] People think I get a lot of money because I’m famous, but I’m just rubbing along. (This is British English and informal. It means to cope or manage with difficulty.)

- [rub along] We are very different, but we rub along somehow. (Have a satisfactorily friendly relationship.)

- [rub off] You can try to stay calm, but if you read the news, this coronavirus panic will rub off on you. (Be transferred by contact or association.)

- [rub something out] If you rub out all your wrong answers, you won’t learn from your mistakes. (This is British. It means to erase pencil marks with a rubber.)

- [rub something down] Rub this table down with this product only. It’s very sensitive wood. (Dry, smooth, or clean something by rubbing.)

- [rub something down] No, I haven’t seen Katherine, but she must be rubbing down her horse at the stable. (Rub the sweat from a horse or one's own body after exercise.)

- [rub someone out] We could hire a hitman to rub him out. (This is informal North American English. It means to kill someone.)


Bonus usage!: You might also hear ‘rub’ referring to the Russian currency (short for ‘boubles’).