WOTW: swelter

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - swelter


今週の #WOTW はとても単刀直入です。'Swelter’ という言葉です。’Swelter’ is a verb and a noun, but it is probably more often used in its adjective form, that is, ‘sweltering’. We think you’ll be able to use it for the next couple of months or so. Patience!


- I know I’m gonna swelter in this leather trousers, but I really wanna wear them. (Verb. Be uncomfortably hot.)

- Look at him! He must be crazy working out in the sun, in the swelter of an August afternoon. (Noun. An uncomfortably hot atmosphere.)

- It’s sweltering today, isn’t it? One does not want to do anything in this weather… (Adjective. Uncomfortably hot.)

- Those who can escape to Karuizawa from sweltering Tokyo in summer. (See above.)


You might find it interesting to know that ‘swelter’ comes from Middle English ‘swelt’ which means ‘perish’ which means ‘die’ which makes a lot of sense!