WOTW: wait

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - wait


今週のWord of the Weekは「wait」です. “Wait” is a verb and a noun, and it’s also used in a few phrases and phrasal verbs. So, let’s not wait any longer!


First, the verb.


- I’m waiting for you to get home to watch the new episode. (Stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or event. ‘Wait’ is usually followed by ‘for’, but ‘on’, ‘to’ or no preposition are also possible as in the following examples.)

- She’s waiting on instructions from her boss.

- Wait to cross the street if the light’s red.

- Do not cut in the queue and wait your turn!


When you’re waiting for someone to arrive to eat a meal, you can also use ‘wait’ so:


- I still have lots of things to do at work, so please go ahead and don’t wait supper. (This is informal)

The continuous form is also very common.


- There are so many people waiting outside on the first day of sale season.

- The visitor is waiting. Shall I let him in?


To show eagerness or impatience you can use ‘wait’ together with ‘can’ in its negative form.


- I can’t wait for the weekend.

- I can’t wait to finish this report..

- I can’t wait for her to come.

- I can’t wait to show Susan my new shoes.


That’s for ‘wait’ in its most common meaning, but there’s another meaning to it.


- People move to Hollywood hoping to become actors and end up waiting tables. (Act as a waiter or waitress, serving food and drink.)

- Shall I take your order or is there anyone already waiting on you? (Act as a waiter or waitress, serving food and drink. This is a phrasal verb meaning ‘serve’. You can also use it with ‘upon’ instead of ‘on’. See below.)


It’s time for the noun now.


- Oh my God, that was a long wait! (A period of waiting.)


And the always interesting phrases and phrasal verbs!


- [in wait] They were in wait, ready for the ambush. (Watching for an enemy or potential victim.)

- [wait and see] Don’t do anything yet. Wait and see what happens. (Wait to find out what will happen before doing something.)

- [wait for it] Wait for it…. Go! (Do not act before the proper moment.)

- [you wait] You wait until I tell your mother. (Used to convey a threat.)

- [you wait] I’ll make it happen, you just wait. (Used to convey a promise.)

- [wait on (or upon)] She waits on the Queen. (Act as an attendant to.)

- [wait on (or upon)] I waited upon my parents-in-law last Sunday. (Pay a respectful visit to.)

- [wait up] Wait up for me. I have some important news. (Not go to bed until someone arrives or something happens.)

- [wait up] Hey, wait up! Don’t you see I’m hurting? (Go more slowly or stop until someone catches up.)