WOTW: welcome

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - welcome


今週のWOTWは ‘welcome’ です。’Welcome’ is an adjective, a noun, and a verb. It’s also an exclamation.


Let’s have a look at the noun first.


- After years away, he expected a warm welcome, but there was nobody at the station when he arrived. (An instance or manner of greeting someone.)

- She sang a beautiful song in welcome (See above.)

- The manager’s announcement of a raise for all workers was received with a very enthusiastic welcome. (A pleased or approving reaction.)

- Welcome to triplo! (Exclamation used to greet someone in a polite or friendly way.)


It’s time for the verb now.


- You should welcome everybody with a handshake and a smile. (Greet someone arriving in a polite or friendly way.)

- I always welcome any suggestions that could make things better. (Be glad to entertain receive something.)

- The trial’s resolution was welcomed with cheers of joy. (React with pleasure or approval to (an event or development.)


Ready for the adjective?


- Be very welcome to our hotel. (Of a guest or new arrival gladly received.)

- On a hot day, a cold lemonade is a most welcome drink. (Very pleasing because much needed or desired.)

- You are welcome to make your contributions at any time. (Allowed or invited to do a specified thing.)

- If you don’t like the food, you’re welcome to cook yourself. (Used to indicate relief at relinquishing the control or possession of something to someone else.)


Would you care for a couple of phrases now? I would!


- [make someone welcome] They made him welcome as if he were part of the family. (Receive and treat someone hospitably.)

- [outstay (or overstay) one's welcome] I realised I had overstayed my welcome when he mentioned he had to work the next day. (Stay as a visitor longer than one is wanted.)

- [you are welcome]

A: Thanks for coming.
B: You’re welcome.
(Used as a polite response to thanks.)