A Little Bit of Daily English

| - Tim Lake |

The more you can engage with English outside of lessons and in your daily life, the more likely you are to see improvement. The trick is to keep it small and start something you can keep doing. Even a small increase can have a big impact over the long term, as these things usually compound. So, in order to get you motivated, here are five simple ideas for creating a little bit of daily English in your life.




1. Start a one sentence English journal - All you need is a notebook and a pencil, and writing one sentence is super easy! It doesn’t take much time or effort. Just make sure you try to write some different types of sentence. Eventually, you might like to write 2 or 3 sentences! Here are some examples:

一文英語日記を始める - ノートと鉛筆さえあれば、一文日記を書くのは超簡単! 時間も手間もかかりません。ただ、いろいろなタイプの文章を書いてみてください。最終的には、2文、3文と書いていくのがいいでしょう。例えば、、、


+ Today, I had a lesson at triplo.
+ It didn’t snow after all.
+ I like the smell of Spring flowers.


2. Read one page of a book - I always tell you how important it is to read a lot, but I understand that reading a lot can seem like a chore! So, how about this? Borrow a book from the triplo library and commit to reading one page a day. It’s not a lot. It’s easy. You can do it. After a while you might want to read two pages.

本を1ページ読む - いつも多読の大切さをお伝えしていますが、多読が面倒に感じられることもあるかと思います。 そこで、こんなのはどうでしょう?トリプロ・ライブラリーから本を借りて、1日1ページずつ読むことを決めるのです。1ページを読むというのはそれほどたくさんの量ではありません。簡単なことです。あなたにもできるはずです。しばらくすると、2ページ読みたくなるかもしれません。


3. Learn a word a day - Find a word in the New General Service List, another vocabulary list, or from lessons, look it up in the dictionary to check the meaning, then write a simple sentence using the word. Soon you will have built up a book of new words.

1日1単語学ぶ - New General Service Listや他の語彙リスト、レッスンで出てきた単語を辞書で調べて意味を確認し、その単語を使った簡単な文章を書きます。そうすれば、すぐに新しい単語帳ができあがります。


4. Watch YouTube - Used well YouTube is an amazing resource for learning languages, especially English. There are tonnes of channels that specifically help people learn English, but it is also a good idea to find short videos on things you are interested in. Personally, I like to watch clips of talk shows, especially Graham Norton. Aim for 10 - 15 minutes a day, and don’t worry if you don’t understand 100%.

YouTubeを見る – YouTubeをうまく活用するのは、語学、特に英語を学ぶための素晴らしいリソースです。英語学習に特化したチャンネルもたくさんありますが、自分が興味のあることに関する短いビデオを探すのもいいアイデアです。個人的には、トークショーのクリップを見るのが好きで、特に Graham Norton がお気に入りです。1日10~15分を目標に、100%理解できなくても気にしないことです。


5. Practice on DuoLingo - The app Duolingo, which you can use on your smartphone, tablet or PC, is an easy and fun way to do a bit of English every day. It starts off with just vocabulary but builds into practicing with longer sentences that you have to translate between English and Japanese. New features include stories and listening that give you more ways to practice. It’s a quick and simple way to do some daily English practice and it’s completely free.

DuoLingoを活用する - スマートフォンやタブレット、PCで使えるアプリ「Duolingo」は、毎日ちょっとだけ英語をやるのに、簡単で楽しい方法です。最初は単語だけですが、だんだん長い文章になり、英語と日本語を翻訳する練習になります。新機能として、ストーリーやリスニングなど、より実践的な練習ができるようになりました。毎日の英語の練習に、手軽で簡単な方法で、かつ、完全に無料でできます。


One thing that is hard to practice daily on your own is speaking, which is why we encourage you to focus on input and vocabulary building outside of lessons and focusing on speaking practice when you come to lessons and ochakai. Just remember that doing a little bit of English every day will help you build a stronger foundation and see better results in the long term. Start small, but keep doing it consistently and I think you’ll be surprised at the improvements.

Originally published in the tripletter.