learn, extend, createの意味とは?- triplo #クリエイティブラーニング英会話

What does learn, extend, create mean?

- Tim Lake

learn, extend, createの意味とは?

The idea of learn, extend, create is a major part of triplo. It is used to organise the three types of lessons we teach and is a central idea in our approach to teaching English. But where does it come from, what does it mean and why do we use it? Learn, extend, create, is connected to ideas about designing an effective language course as well as the cognitive process that we use to acquire knowledge. Here we will explain the origins of learn, extend, create and tell you why we think it is important.

「learn」「extend」「create」は、トリプロで取り入れている重要な学習アプローチ法です。私たちは、英語のレッスンをこの3タイプに分けて教えています。でもそれらは一体どこから来ていて、何を意味し、何のために使うのでしょう? learn, extend, createは、語学コースを効果的にデザインするための考え方であり、知識を習得する時の認知プロセスと関連しています。ここでは、learn, extend, createの起源を説明し、その重要性をお伝えしたいと思います。


A, Anと The - triplo #クリエイティブラーニング英会話

A, An and The - Are you confused?

- Tim Lake

A, Anと The

Knowing when to use a, an and the, is one of the hardest things for Japanese learners, partly because there isn’t an equivalent in Japanese. It came up again in a lesson and so we thought we give you a quick explanation.

“a”, “an”、そして”the”の適切な使い方を理解するのは、日本人の英語学習者にとって最も難しいことの1つです。これらに相当する日本語がないことが理由の一つかもしれません。レッスンでもまた話題になりましたので、ここで簡単な説明をしたいと思います。


アプリでは英語を学べない理由 - triplo #クリエイティブラーニング英会話

Why You Can't Learn English from an App.

- Tim Lake


An app for this and an app for that. There is a smartphone or web-app for almost everything these days, and they are extremely popular and, in most cases, useful. Of course as learners of English, or any other language, we are looking for ways to make our learning easier and more effective, and there are many popular apps for learning languages. However, the question remains, can you actually learn English through an app? The answer is yes and no. Here’s why.

これもアプリ、それもアプリで。このところ手元にはスマートフォンかウェブアプリがあるのが普通で、大変な人気を博している上に、大抵、便利ですよね。英語やその他の言語を学習する者としては、当然ながらより簡単で効果的に学習ができる方法を探し求めるものです。そして語学学習に人気のアプリは数多く存在します。しかしながら、疑問は残ります。実際のところ、アプリで英語は学べるのでしょうか? 答えはイエス、そしてノーです。その理由をご説明しましょう


英語学習の目標はどのように設定したらいいですか - triplo #クリエイティブラーニング英会話

How can I set goals for my English learning?

- Tim Lake


To keep you motivated when learning English it can be helpful to set goals. This gives you something to focus on and aim for, but how can you set goals? It’s not always easy so we thought it would be helpful to give you a system for setting goals. You can use it with anything, not just learning English.



どのくらいの時間をかければ英語が上達するのでしょうか  - triplo #クリエイティブラーニング英会話

How long will it take me to get better at English?

- Tim Lake


One thing that most learners are concerned about, and that we’ve talked about before, is improving. But, how long does it take to get better at English? It is a difficult question to answer, but there are some guidelines we can give, so that you have an idea of how much you need to work to jump up a level.



​​より効果的な学習方法とは - triplo #クリエイティブラーニング英会話

How to study more effectively

- Tim Lake


What’s the best way to study? In general or, specifically, for a test? Over the years there has been a lot of interest and research into how people learn and remember things from. Here are some tips we have for better studying.



the story of english - UK map - triplo クリエイティブラーニング英会話

The Story of English and ELF

- Tim Lake


There are many good reasons to learn English, one of them is because it has become a global language, the lingua franca. What makes English work as a global language is not just the questionable influence of the British Empire - which has a lot to answer for - but its flexibility, something that has developed due to it’s history.



Common Errors Japanese Learners Make

- Tim Lake


There are a number of common errors that Japanese learners make that affect both beginners and advanced level students. So here are 6 common errors to work on.



How to study at home

- Tim Lake


One of the principle difficulties students have when learning a language is knowing what to study at home between lessons. So here are some pointers on how to study at home.



How to practice pronuncing L & R sounds

- Tim Lake


Japanese learners of English have particular difficulty with pronouncing /L/ and /R/. As this is a particular problem for Japanese English learners we though we’d give you some advice on how to improve your /L/ and /R/ sounds so they sound different.

日本人の多くが、LとRの発音が上手くできないと悩んでいます。 これは日本人の典型的な問題の1つですが、今回はLとRを発音し分けるためのヒントをご紹介しましょう。


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