A, Anと The - triplo #クリエイティブラーニング英会話

A, An and The - Are you confused?

- Tim Lake

A, Anと The

Knowing when to use a, an and the, is one of the hardest things for Japanese learners, partly because there isn’t an equivalent in Japanese. It came up again in a lesson and so we thought we give you a quick explanation.

“a”, “an”、そして”the”の適切な使い方を理解するのは、日本人の英語学習者にとって最も難しいことの1つです。これらに相当する日本語がないことが理由の一つかもしれません。レッスンでもまた話題になりましたので、ここで簡単な説明をしたいと思います。


カタカナ語を使った英語学習法 - triplo #クリエイティブラーニング英会話

How to use Katakana to Learn English

- Tim Lake


As adult language we can take advantage of some shortcuts to help speed up the learning process. One simple way is to find words that are almost the same in both languages. This is quite common among languages, such as Spanish and Italian, that have a common origin, but what about with English and Japanese? Of course, you already know the answer: katakana words.



Common Errors Japanese Learners Make

- Tim Lake


There are a number of common errors that Japanese learners make that affect both beginners and advanced level students. So here are 6 common errors to work on.