How to practice pronuncing L & R sounds

- Tim Lake


Japanese learners of English have particular difficulty with pronouncing /L/ and /R/. As this is a particular problem for Japanese English learners we though we’d give you some advice on how to improve your /L/ and /R/ sounds so they sound different.

日本人の多くが、LとRの発音が上手くできないと悩んでいます。 これは日本人の典型的な問題の1つですが、今回はLとRを発音し分けるためのヒントをご紹介しましょう。


Word of the Week

WOTW: strike 3

今週の #WOTW は「strike」の名刺の事です。This week, we’re having a look at 'strike' as a noun.


WOTW: bio~

今週は「strike」 の二つ目の予定でしたが、#グローバル気候マーチ だから、今回の #WOTW は「bio-」にしましょう。来週は「strike」の次のエピソードです。'-bio' is a prefix and it means that something is related to life. Since life itself is what's being threatened due to the climate crisis, we thought that having a look at these words would be useful for you to use in our #GlobalClimateStrike conversation(s) next Friday.


WOTW: suspend

今週の WOTW は「suspend」です。You might have heard and read this word as well as ‘suspension’ in the media recently regarding Brexit. So, let’s have a look at how to use this verb, shall we?