Book Club
2023/03/31: 20:00

We like reading so we thought we should have a book club where we can read and learn things together. Come to triplo, drink some coffee or tea and discuss the book of the month with us as well as your favourite books and authors.

Mixing fiction and non-fiction books, the Book Club chooses a new book each month which we'll feature on the website. If you can't join one month you can still read the book and join the discussions next time..... don't worry you can read the book in Japanese or English, but the discussions are in English!




Members: ¥0
Non-members: ¥1,000 + 1 free drink

book club at triplo クリエイティブラーニング英会話

This Month's Book 今月の本

This month we are reading a book by Masanobu Fukuoka :

"The One-Straw Revolution"
『自然農法 わら一本の革命』

the book of the month at triplo クリエイティブラーニング英会話