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Life at triplo is about designing as well as learning things. We like to help people learn and we like to help people with simple design solutions through branding and web design.


Whether you are an artist, a musician or a small company, branding is an important part of business, so creating the right image for you is essential. triplosutdio can help take you through the stages to creating a unique brand image design that will help you get attention as well as give you a solid platform to do what you do best.


brand idea

brand image

image design and creation

means of communication

logo and pattern design

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Web presence is another essential these days but most people don't need anything fancy. We like to do our bit by designing simple, clean websites for artists, musicians and other small businesses that look great. Combined with your unique brand identity our websites are the perfect platform to share your wares with the world.

Full Featured CMS

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We build websites on the wonderful Contao CMS. It's packed full of features that allow us to build almost any kind of website.
responsive design

Responsive Design

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Websites that look great on PCs, Tablets, and mobile devices, and adapt to different screen sizes

Collaborative Process

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Using Contao lets us focus on what we like best Visual and User design but we want to collaborate with you to create a custom design you'll love.

All of this comes at a very reasonable and competitive price, giving you great value for money:

Branding Packages From
¥150,000 (incl. tax)

Website Packages From
¥250,000 (incl. tax)


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