triplo regularly has a variety of events for both members and non-members. There are the regular ochakais every week where you can practice your English conversations skills. Once a month we have seminars and workshops on different topics. We hold social events where we can gather and have fun in a more casual setting. Plus there are the courses that run 1 - 2 times year.


Check the list below to see what’s on in the next month or so.

Book Club + Online
2022/01/21: 20:00

Come to triplo, drink some coffee or tea and discuss the book of the month. triploでは、読書をtriploでは、読書を一緒に楽しむ交流会「ブック・クラブ」を開講します。コーヒーや紅茶を飲みながら、毎月違うお気に入りの本や著者について話しましょう。