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triplo word of the week - avoid

“Avoid” is a verb that has several different but related meanings. Let’s have a look at some examples.


The main mean of the verb “avoid” is keep away from or stop oneself doing.


+ Some sunlight is good but avoid excessive sun exposure.

+ He avoided meeting her eye throughout the conversation.

+ She knew it was time to stop avoiding the conversation.

+ I try to avoid buying things that use too much packaging.


A related meaning of “avoid” is trying not to meet someone.


+ His co-workers had been avoiding meeting him all day.

+ It is not surprising she is lonely; most people prefer to avoid her.

+ I couldn’t avoid my boss and had to explain why I was late.

+ I don’t know why but it seems like she is avoiding me.


A similar meaning of “avoid” is not going to or through a place.


+ I always avoid Shinjuku at rush hour.

+ He doesn’t like crowded places and avoids them at all costs.

+ It is not an area of Tokyo I recommend, it is best to avoid going there.

+ She takes the long route home to avoid the walking across the park at night.


Lastly “avoid” also means stop from happening.


+ You had better book early to avoid disappointment.

+ If you follow the safety rules, many of the most common accidents can be avoided.

+ We can avoid the worst impacts of climate change by acting now.

+ The accident could have been avoided by regularly checking the system for faults.


The pronunciation is / əˈvɔɪd/.


This word is in the New General Service List, a list of the 3,000 most common words in English communication. You can get the full list on our website by clicking here.


この単語は、英語で最もよく使われる3,000の単語のリストであるNew General Service Listからのものです。完全なリストはこちらから。



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