WOTW: back 2

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - back


今週の #WOTW はまた「back」です。This time we are having a look at the verb and the adjective. Ready?


- Parents should always back their children, no matter what. (Give financial, material, or moral support to.)

- Theresa May could do anything and The Sun would still back her. (See above.)

- It is because Aragon was backed by the dwarfs and everyone else that they could take the castle. (Supplement in order to strengthen.)

- The Green New Deal is backed mainly by young people. (Be in favour of.)

- Will you back me if I sing at the wedding? (Provide musical accompaniment to a singer or musician.)

- Even his breakfast tray was backed with diamonds, he was that rich. (Cover the back of (an article) in order to support, protect, or decorate it.)

- I didn’t see the letterbox when I backed, sorry. (Walk or drive backwards.)

- After a south wind morning, the wind backed in the afternoon and it got sort of chilly. (Of the wind, change direction anticlockwise around the points of the compass.)

- My building backs on to the cemetery. (“Back on” or “back on to”, when a building or other structure has its back facing or adjacent to some other building or structure.)

- The house is backed by chestnuts and apple trees. (Lie behind or at the back of something.)


It’s time for the adjective now.


- In England, front gardens are very well kept, but back gardens are usually a mess. (Of or at the back of something.)

- Young Japanese men carry their thick wallets in their back pockets. (See above.)

- Tokyo is busy but back streets are quiet. (In a remote or subsidiary position.)

- It is a dire situation when a company owes its employees back pay for three months. (From or relating to the past.)

- The word “can’t” is pronounced with a long back A vowel in England, while that A is pronounced at the front of the mouth in the US.