WOTW: back 3

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - back


今週の #WOTW は、もう一回「back」です。This week we are having a look at some phrases. Off we go!


- [at someone's back] Don’t worry, I’m at your back. (In pursuit or support of someone.)

- [back and forth] We can’t keep going back and forth. Do you want it, yes or no? (To and fro.)

- [back in the day] Back in the day, just a few people had colour TVs. (In the past; some time ago.)

- [one's back is turned] We passed each other notes when the teacher’s back was turned. (One's attention is elsewhere.)

- [the back of beyond] I wanted to go to Naomi’s exhibition, but it’s at the back and beyond. (A very remote or inaccessible place.)

- [the back of one's mind] Leaving the city and moving to the countryside is always at the back of my mind. (Used to express that something is in one's mind but is not consciously thought of or remembered.)

- [back someone into a corner] It is a tradition in English journalism to try to back politicians into a corner. (Force someone into a difficult situation.)

- [back to front] Rough night? You're wearing your T shirt back to front. (With the back at the front and the front at the back.)

- [back water] We had to back water to place our boat right in the middle of the lake. (Reverse the action of a boat's oars to slow down or stop.)

- [back the wrong horse] Halfway through my degree I realised that I had backed the wrong horse, but I decided to finish and graduate. (Make a wrong or inappropriate choice.)

- [behind someone's back] It’s not nice to talk about someone behind their back. (Without a person's knowledge and in an unfair way.)

- [get (or put) someone's back up] He always gets drunk and makes a scene at parties and that gets her back up. (Make someone annoyed or angry.)

- [have (got) someone's back] It’s easier to be adventurous when you know your parents have your back. (Be prepared to offer support or assistance to someone.)

- [know something like the back of one's hand] I grew up playing in the streets, so I know this city like the back of my hand. I doubt kids now will be able to say the same. (Be entirely familiar with a place or route.)

- [on one's back] I finished reading every single book in the house since I’ve been on my back for months now. (In bed recovering from an injury or illness.)

- [put one's back into] If you want to pass the exam, you really need to put your back into it. (Approach (a task) with vigour.)

- [turn one's back on] Hey, Tom! It’s me, Danny. Why are you turning your back on me? (Ignore (someone) by turning away from them.)

- [turn one's back on] She turned her back on her father when she discovered his past. (Reject or abandon a person that one was previously involved with.)

- [turn one's back on] He turned his back on his job to take care of the baby. (Reject or abandon a thing that one was previously involved with.)

- [with one's back to (or up against) the wall] I’m sorry I have to let you go. The company is with its back to the wall here. (In a desperate situation.)



先週言うたように発音は/bak/です。つまり、/bæk/。音節は1つだから、最後に「U」の音はありません。気をつけて下さい。Come back next week for the fourth and final instalment of ‘back’. We will be talking about phrasal verbs then. また来週!