WOTW: check

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triplo word of the week - check


今週の #WOTW は「check」です。'Check' is a verb, a noun, an adjective, an exclamation, part of numerous phrasal verbs, and a request by @6lily21. 使い方がいっぱいあるので、今週は動詞のことになります。来週に他の使い方をcheckするに来てください!


Let's get to it!


- Can you check my homework, please? (Examine something in order to determine its accuracy, quality, or condition, or to detect the presence of something.)

- They don't check your passport if your flight is domestic. (See above.)

- I'm having my blood tested to check my cholesterol levels. (See above.)

- I always check the gas before going on holiday (Verify or establish to one's satisfaction.)

- Have you brought your passbook? We need it to check it against you credit card. (Verify the accuracy of something by comparing it with something else.)

- Check that sandwich. It's huge! (Look at; take notice of. This is informal.)

- How do we check the rise of the extreme right? (Stop or slow the progress of something, typically something undesirable.)

- He's always been given everything, so he's unable to check himself when he doesn't get what he wants. (Curb or control one's feelings or reaction.)

- I only have a carry-on bag because I hate to check my luggage. (Consign luggage to the care of the transport provider with whom you are travelling.)

- I'd check my coat if I were you. It's really hot on the dancefloor. (Deposit a coat, bag, or other item for temporary safekeeping in the cloakroom of a restaurant, theatre, club etc.)

- Check the box if you don't want your photo to be taken. (Mark or click on a box in order to select a particular option on a form, questionnaire, etc.)

- Can you check a king with a pawn? (Move a piece or pawn to a square where it attacks (the opposing king.)

- Just because he's checking doesn't mean that he has a bad hand. (In poker, choose not to make a bet when called upon, allowing another player to do so instead.)



Come back next week for more example sentences with 'check'! It will be the noun then.


発音は/tʃɛk/です。 最後に「U」の音はありませんので気をつけてください。音節は1つです。また来週!