WOTW: colour

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - colour


今週の #WOTW は「colour」です。’Colour’ (or ‘color’ in its spelling on the other side of the pond) can be a noun, a verb, or an adjective. There are also a couple of idioms that you can use. Let’s have a look!


As a noun:


- My favourite colour is pink. What’s your favourite colour? (appearance)

- Her eyes are the colour of the sea. (appearance)

- This place is so dull, I think it needs a little colour. (the pleasant effect of a colour or various colours together)

- Be careful when you wash your jeans for the first time as the colour may run. (paint or dye)

- She saw a ghost and the colour drained form her face. (the pinkish colour in white people that denotes health, embarrassment, or excitement)

- I added a little colour to the presentation with a personal anecdote. (interest or interesting details)

- It is so anachronistic to hear people are still discriminated against for their colour. (race)

- People of colour are already a majority in the US. (people other than white people)


In its plural form, ‘colours’, it can mean the flag of a country or some group’s symbol:


- In the war, some were fighting for their colours, some just to survive. (a country’s flag)


Let’s have a look at the verb, now:


- Fry the garlic until it colours. (becomes another colour, in this case, brown)

- You would think that there are a lot of blond women in this country, but a majority colour their hair. (dye their hair)

- My views on the police are coloured by personal experiences I’ve had throughout my life. (influenced in a negative way)


Let us finish with a couple idioms and one phrasal verb, beginning with the latter:


- [colour something in] My 5 year old loves to colour in animal figures. (paint inside an area)

- [see somebody’s true colours] It is only when couples start sharing a home that they see their true colours. (see someone’s character for the first time, usually negative)

- [show somebody your true colours] When they talked about money she showed her true colours for the first time. (show your real character, especially when it is not a good one)


UKとUSの発音は同じで /ˈkʌl.ər/ですが、イギリスでは「colour」の語尾の「R」は発音せず、/ˈkʌl.ə/になります。ただし、「color」のあとに母音で始まる単語が続く場合(例:color inkなど)は、「R」も発音します。音節は2つです。また来週!