WOTW: fair

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - fair


今週のWOTWは ‘fair’ です。’Fair’ is an adjective, a noun, a verb, and an adverb. ‘Fair’ is everything!


Let’s have look at the adjective first.


- We need a fair distribution of wealth. (Treating people equally without favouritism or discrimination.)

- Treatment of immigrants should be fair. (See above)

- It’s not fair to eat all the food and leave nothing. (Just or appropriate in the circumstances.)

- I get want I want, but I always get it by fair means. (In a not violent way.)

- My hair was fair when I was a child. (Of hair or complexion, light or blonde.)

- She is fair with grey eyes. (Of a person having a light complexion or hair.)

- We have a fair number of participants for the workshop. (Considerable though not outstanding in size or amount.)

- The interview went well. I think I have a fair chance of getting the job. (Moderately good.)

- The weather tomorrow will be fair. (Fine and dry.)


It’s time for the adverb now.


- I don’t like that footballer. He doesn’t play fair. (Without cheating or trying to achieve unjust advantage.)


Ready for the verb?


- Look at those clouds. It doesn’t look like it’ll be fairing any time soon. (Of the weather, become fine.)

- The car is not ready yet. The mechanic has to fair it. (Streamline a vehicle, boat, or aircraft by adding fairings.)


The noun is next.


- As a child, I loved it when the fair came to town in summer. (A gathering of stalls and amusements for public entertainment.)

- My grandfather, who was a farmer, used to take me to the fair where he’d buy seeds and animals. (A periodic gathering for the sale of goods.)

- The International Fair grounds are just outside the city. (An exhibition or facility to hold exhibitions to promote particular products.)


We know you love the phrases, so here, a bunch of them.


- [all's fair in love and war] This is a proverb. It means that in certain highly charged situations, any method of achieving your goal is justifiable.

- [by fair means or foul] I will get the first prize, by fair means or foul. (Using whatever means are necessary. This is humorous.)

- [fair and square] Stop complaining. The other kid won fair and square. (Honestly and straight forwardly.)

- [fair comment]

A: The food is worse now.
B: That’s a fair comment, but did you know that the budget has been cut in half?
(A comment or criticism made without malicious intent and based on accurate information or observation.)

- [a fair cow] This job is a fair cow, honestly. (A particularly unpleasant or difficult situation or thing. This is informal.)

- [a fair deal] Fast fashion is not reliable. You never now if you’re getting a fair deal. (Equitable treatment or product.)

- [fair dos] One sausage? Come on, fair dos! (Used to request just treatment or accept that it has been given.)

- [fair enough]

A: I don’t like sports because I hate competition.
B: Fair enough.
(Used to admit that something is reasonable or acceptable. This is informal.)

- [fair's fair] I had the idea first so i should get the credit. Fair’s fair. (Used to request just treatment or assert that a situation is just. This is informal.)

- [in a fair way to do something] She’s got lots of charisma. She is in fair way to change things. (Likely to achieve something.)

- [no fair] No fair! Tom’s parents let him drink wine at Christmas so why can’t I? (Unfair, often used in protestation. This i informal and you shouldn’t use it unless you’re a child or want to be funny.)

- [be set fair] The weather is set fair for the weekend! Woohoo! (Be fine and likely to stay fine for a time.)