WOTW: gather

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - gather


今週の #WOTW 'gather’ です。'Gather' is most usually a verb, although it can also be a noun, albeit a not very common one. Let’s have a look at the verb first.


- A crowd gathered because the vegetables at the shop were so cheap. (Come together; assemble or accumulate.)

- I have read a book on the topic and asked a few people. From what I've gathered, the conflict is not a simple one. (Bring together and take in from scattered places or sources.)

- Tom! Gather your stuff up at once! (Gather something up = Pick something up.)

- When will we gather the wheat in? (Gather something in = Harvest grain or other crops.)

- There are still some groups in the world who get food by hunting and gathering. (Collect plants, fruits, etc., for food.)

- The child tried to gather the kitten in her arms, but it managed to run away. (Pull someone into one's arms.)

- When the train got into the station it gathered in speed instead of slowing down. We all found this strange. (Increase in speed, force, etc.)

- I gather that you've known each other for a while by the way you finish each other's sentences. (Infer; understand.)

- Let me gather my thoughts. I will give you a answer tomorrow. (Think for a purpose.)

- He gathered himself and finally asked her out. (Prepare oneself mentally or physically to do something.)

- One more leap? Let me gather my breath. (Gain or recover one's breath.)

- I think this skirt needs to be gathered over here. (Draw and hold together fabric or a part of a garment by running thread through it.)


Time for the noun now.


- The gathers are too loose. It's a disappointing design. (Plural. A part of a garment that is gathered.)


And we'll leave you with a phrase, as usual.


- [gather way] When I got to the pier the ship had just started to gather way, so I couldn't get on board. (When a ship begins to move.)