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triplo word of the week - grin


Grin” is a verb but can be a noun. The meaning is the same for both. Let’s have look at what grin means.


The meaning of the verb “grin” is to be smile broadly.


+ After the interview, she was grinning from ear to ear.

+ He grinned when he saw her come in.

+ Hermione grinned.' Wait and see,' she said and to both their surprises.

+ I relived the memory in my mind and grinned to myself.

+ They were all grinning, laughing, and having a good time.


The meaning of the noun “grin” is the same. It means a broad smile.


+ Wipe the silly grin off your face.

+ His grin is so charming.

+ There was a pleasant grin on the face of the shop assistant.

+ She gave him a wink and mischievous grin.

+ He forced a grin, but you could tell he wasn’t happy about it.


There are is a phrase with grin.


+ I will just have to grin and bear it. (suffer pain or difficulty in a calm way)


The pronunciation is / ɡrɪn /.


This word is in the New General Service List, a list of the 3,000 most common words in English communication. You can get the full list on our website by clicking here.


この単語は、英語で最もよく使われる3,000の単語のリストであるNew General Service Listからのものです。完全なリストはこちらから。



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