WOTW: imagine

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triplo word of the week - imagine

“Imagine” is a great verb with three related meanings. It is related to the word “image”. Let’s find out what they are and see how to use it:


The first meaning of “imagine” is to make a mental picture, image or idea.


+ I could never have imagined something like this would happen.

+ She imagined him in the kitchen, cooking up something delicious.

+ I can’t imagine being able to run a marathon.

+ It is hard to imagine that anyone wanting to see this film without being drunk.

+ He often tries to imagine what is ideal partner would be like.

+ I bet she was imagining what they were going to do together.


The second related meaning of “imagine” is to believe something unreal or untrue exists.


+ I think you are imagining things.

+ These days people buy things at a level that few imagined possible a while ago.

+ She believed she had imagined the noises.

+ The differences between men and women might be more imagined than real.


The third meaning of “imagine” is a bit like guess, it means suppose or assume.


+ After her husband dies, everyone imagined she would move away.

+ Parents often imagine that other people know how to raise children and they don’t.

+ He imagines that the house will sell for several million.

+ Without knowing all the information, we can end up imagining we know it all.

+ It is easy to imagine that the worst will happen.


The pronunciation is /ɪˈmadʒ(ɪ)n/.


This word is in the New General Service List, a list of the 3,000 most common words in English communication. You can get the full list on our website by clicking here.


この単語は、英語で最もよく使われる3,000の単語のリストであるNew General Service Listからのものです。完全なリストはこちらから。