WOTW: joy

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triplo word of the week - joy


今週の #WOTW は ”joy” です. “Joy” is a noun with a simple meaning. You will be happy to know what this word means. Read on.


The meaning of the noun “joy” is a feeling of great pleasure or happiness.


- My head hurt, but I was still alive, and that made me want to jump for joy.

- The presents brought much joy to the children.

- Her heart pounded as you felt joy and happiness for the first time in ages.

- I have recently discovered the joy of running and exploring my local area.

- The students wept tears of joy as they saw their exam results.

- He spreads joy and optimism wherever he goes and has inspired lots of people.

- In almost every situation there is a chance to discover joy and enjoy what you are doing.

- They are not doing it for the money, they are doing it for the joy. It’s admirable.


Sometimes “joy” can be used as countable noun to talk about things that cause joy.


- One of the great joys of living in Tokyo is the food.

- Art and music are some to the great joys of my life.

- The joys of eating good food and drinking nice wine are there for everyone.

- The joys of a slow life in the countryside are becoming more appealing to many people.


Also remember there is an adjective “joyful”; meaning full of joy. And the common verb “enjoy” means give (the “en~” part) joy.


発音は/dʒɔɪ/ です。


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