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triplo word of the week - lack


“Lack” is a noun and verb that have almost the same meaning. Find out what the meaning is and read some example sentences:


The noun “lack” means to be without or not have enough of something. It is usually used with “of” - a lack of something.


+ The case was dismissed because of a lack of evidence.

+ Due to a lack of interest the event was cancelled.

+ There is no lack of entertainment aboard this cruise ship.

+ Her lack of focus meant she struggled to study for the exams.

+ The project was closed after it became there clear there was a lack of support from the local community.


The verb “lack” has the same meaning, be without or not have enough of.


+ His writing is clear but lacks imagination.

+ She certainly doesn’t lack for friends!

+ It was a good proposal, but it lacked support of the major countries.

+ What we lack in experience we make up for in effort.

+ The information lacks context, so it is hard to tell whether it is useful or not.


The pronunciation is /lak/.

発音は/lak/ です。


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