WOTW: plant

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - plant


今週の #WOTW は「plant」です。’Plant’ is a noun and a verb which does not always have to do with plants but with crime. ‘How’s that?’, you ask? Keep reading to find out about that and couple more interesting uses!


First, the noun:


- He keeps lots of plants on his balcony. (a living thing that grows in earth, usually with leaves, stems, flowers… and that produces seeds)

- Germany will close all its nuclear plants by 2022. (an industrial facility or factory)

- She cried and cried and insisted she was innocent, that the bloody knife in her kitchen was a plant. (something illegal or compromising secretly put among somebody’s belongings to make them look as if the have committed a crime)


Let’s have a look at the verb now:


- I keep planting trees and they keep dying. There must be something in the soil. (to put a plant in the ground or a pot with soil so that it grows)

- He planted himself in front of me, blocking the way. (to put oneself or something firmly somewhere)

- Her comment planted doubts in me about the right thing to do. (to cause an idea or story to exist)

- Somebody must have planted the money in my account. I swear I have nothing to do with it! (to secretly put something illegal or suspicious in somebody’s belongings to make it look as if they committed a crime or something illicit)


We will leave you with a phrasal verb:


- [plant something out] You can’t plant avocado trees out in Tokyo. They won’t make it through the winter. (to put a plant into the ground outside, usually for it to continue to grow)

- [plant something out] How long should I wait until I can plant the strawberries out? (see above)


発音は /plɑːnt/[UK] とか/plænt/[US]です。音節は1つで、最後に「O」の音はありません。また来週!