WOTW: rain

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - rain


今週の #WOTW は「rain」です。’Rain’ can be a noun or a verb, and it’s also used in a couple of phrases. It doesn’t always mean ‘water falling from the sky’. You want to know these phrases so you can use them, so keep on reading!


Let’s begin with ‘rain’ as a noun:


- Rain is what makes this country so green, so don’t complain! (water falling visibly in separate drops from the atmosphere)

- Boy, it’s pouring with rain today! (see above. This means that it’s raining heavily)


We can sometimes use it in its plural form:


- Heavy rains fall suddenly during rainy season, causing floods. (falls of rains, relatively short)

- A rain of questions fell upon him. (a big and overwhelming quantity of something falling)


The verb is used so:


- Why does it always rain on my day off? (rain falls)

- An untold number of bombs rained down on Laos during the 60s and 70s. (to fall or cause to fall in large quantities)

- At some point it was raining champagne. It was a crazy party! (see above)


It’s time for the always interesting phrases now:


- [be as right as rain] You miss her now, but you’ll be as right as rain, I promise. (be perfectly fit and well)

- [make it rain] I know it’s wrong, but I like when they make it rain on hip-hop videos. (throw paper money in the air so that it showers down on someone, originally on a stripper)

- [make it rain] He’s always making it rain and then complaints he has no savings. (spend money lavishly or extravagantly on unnecessary things)

- [rain cats and dogs] I wouldn’t go out now. It’s raining cats and dogs. (it’s raining very hard)

- [rain on someone’s parade] Why are you always raining on my parade? (prevent someone from doing something they want to door spoil their plans)

- [(come) rain or shine] She bathes in the river, rain or shine. (whether it rinser not, whatever the weather)

- [(come) rain or shine] I’m gonna love you like nobody’s loved you, come rain or come shine. (whatever happens, in any situation)

- [to be rained off] The concert was rained off, so we all went home. (be cancelled because of rain)

- [take a/the rain check] I’m so tired I think I’ll take a rain check tonight, but let’s hang out some time soon. (not participate in a event or do something with someone while implying you’d like to so it some other time)


発音は /reɪn/です。音節は1つです。RとLの発音は違いますので、気をつけてください。Rの音を出す時は、舌を口の真ん中で巻いてみてください。また来週!