WOTW: register

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - register


今週の #WOTW は 'register’ です。’Register’ is a noun and a verb. Hopefully some of the following information will stay registered in your memory! Let’s start with the noun.


- Please find his phone number in the membership register. (An official list or record of names or items.)

- I’m going to take the register now, so when you hear your name, please say “present”. (A book or record of attendance, for example of pupils in a class or guests in a hotel.)

- Opera singers can break glass when they reach high registers. (A particular part of the range of a voice or instrument.)

- I don’t use the same language at work or down at the pub with the mates. (A variety of a language or a level of usage, as determined by degree of formality and choice of vocabulary, pronunciation, and syntax, according to the communicative purpose, social context, and standing of the user.)

- This is out of register. Print it again. (The exact correspondence of the position of printed matter on the two sides of a leaf.)

- That file should be in the register. It can’t disappear just like that. (In electronic devices, a location in a store of data, used for a specific purpose and with quick access time.)

- You will say that I watch to many horror films, but I think there’s someone watching us through the register. (An adjustable plate for widening or narrowing an opening and regulating a draught, especially in a fire grate.)

- The central register, which is triangular, symbolises the ascent of Jesus to Heaven. (One of a number of bands or sections into which a design is divided.)

- You can pay at the register over there. (Short for “cash register”. North American English.)


It’s time for the verb now.


- You’re not registered, so I’m sorry, you can’t vote. (Enter or record on an official list or directory.)

- Welcome to triplo. After you sign up, we will give you an ID and a password so you an register on the website and start booking lessons. (Enter one's name and other details on an official list or directory.)

- A: I’m starving. I think I will hit the restaurant before registering.
- B: But, sir. You need to be a guest to use the restaurant. It will only take a minute.
(Put one's name in a register as a guest in a hotel.)

- All the less expensive gifts where already taken off the bridal registry when I went to the store. (A list of wedding gifts compiled and kept at a shop for consultation by gift buyers. North American English.)

- Would you like to register the letter? (Entrust a letter or parcel to a post office for transmission by registered post.)

- This machine can register the tiniest of earth movements. (Detect and show a reading automatically.)

- The earthquake was the strongest ever registered. (Give rise to a specified reading on an instrument.)

- I told her I was leaving and nothing registered on her face. I don’t think she’s ever loved me. (Express or convey an opinion or emotion.)

- He pretended he hadn’t registered his presence. (Notice or become aware of.)

- I know you’ve tried your best, but unfortunately nothing of what you did there registered with the tribunal. (Make an impression on a person's mind.)

- Osaka has registered her third consecutive set. (Achieve a certain score or result in a game or match.)