WOTW: step II

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - step


今週の #WOTW は先週からつつけます。You might remember that we talked about the word ‘step’, the verb, the noun, and some phrases. Well, there are quite a few very commonly used phrasal verbs, and that’s what we will be having a look at today. Let’s begin!


- [step down] It’s really a relief that Johnson has stepped down. (resign from an important position or office. We also use ‘step aside’ with the same meaning).

- [step back] Whenever I feel stressed, I just step back for a while and take a deep breath. (mentally withdraw from a situation in order to consider it objectively)

- [step forward] He always steps forward when help is needed. (offer one's help or services.)

- [step in] Thank you for stepping in there. I was really overwhelmed with the situation. (Become involved in a difficult situation, especially in order to help.)

- [step in] If the PM resigns, who’s going to step in? (Act as a substitute for someone.)

- [step out] If smokers are allowed to step out for a cigarette, we should be allowed to step out for whatever it is that we want to do too, shouldn’t we? (Leave a room or building for a short time.)

- [step out with] Who is she stepping out with at the moment? Another footballer? (go out with)

- [step out] Look at him stepping out! He must have got the promotion. (Walk with long or vigorous steps.)

- [step out on] So, let me get this straight; they’re back together after he stepped out on her AGAIN? (Be sexually unfaithful to.)

- [step something up] We will have to step up the bandwidth if traffic keeps growing. (Increase the amount, speed, or intensity of something.)


今週はこれで終わりました。発音は覚えましょう> /stɛp/、音節は1つで、後ろに「U」はありません。また来週!