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triplo word of the week - task

“Task” is a noun and a verb. They have similar meanings. We will explain the different meanings and look at some examples.


The main meaning of the noun “task” is a piece of work given to someone or expected of someone.


+ My boss assigned me several new tasks.

+ She assigned different tasks to each of the team members.

+ When I give you a task to do, I expect you to do it.

+ My task was simple but not easy.


A similar meaning of “task” is just something to be done.


+ I write all my tasks for the day in my notebook.

+ If you are organised and your desk is tidy, tasks seem much easier to accomplish.

+ We divided up the tasks and agreed to meet next week to discuss our progress.

+ When our tasks for the day were done, we went out for a beer.


A related meaning of “task” is something difficult to do.


+ Starting your own business is a big task; there is so much to do.

+ Patrolling the border was not an easy task for just sixty men to do.

+ Throughout the winter she laboured at the task, the task of writing a novel.


The meaning of the verb “task” is similar to the noun. It means give a piece of work to do.


+ My boss tasked me with several new assignments.

+ She tasked each of the team members with a different role.

+ The players were tasked with specific things to do during the match.


The pronunciation is / tɑːsk /.


This word is in the New General Service List, a list of the 3,000 most common words in English communication. You can get the full list on our website by clicking here.


この単語は、英語で最もよく使われる3,000の単語のリストであるNew General Service Listからのものです。完全なリストはこちらから。



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