WOTW: vision

| - Tim Lake |

triplo word of the week - vision


今週の #WOTW は ‘vision’ です. ‘Vision’ is a noun with three main meanings that all having to do with seeing. Let’s look closer:


The first meaning of the noun ‘vision’, is simply being able to see.


- They have good senses of vision and smell, as well as hearing.

- One day she hopes surgery will restore her vision.

- I focused my vision and was able to see the mountains in the distance.


The second meaning of ‘vision’ is about planning and seeing something in your mind using imagination.


- Steve Jobs had a clear vision of where he wanted to lead Apple.

- You can achieve anything with vision, imagination and hard work.

- She was full of artistic vision and potential.

- In his book he explained a utopian vision for society.


The third meaning of ‘vision’ is about something you see or experience, in a dream, trance or during a supernatural experience.


- The concept for the opera came to him in a vision.

- Dali was able to capture his fantastic dreams and visions on canvas.

- The play is a nightmarish vision of what life was like in a labour camp.

- An angel came to him in a vision and told him what to do.




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