WOTW: visit

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - visit


今週のWord of the Week「visit」です。’Visit’ can be a verb or a noun. Let's have a look at ‘visit’ as a verb first:


- I visit my grandparents every Sunday. (Go to see and spend time with somebody)

- Visiting North Korea is extremely expensive. (Stay temporarily at a place as a tourist or guest)

- Food critics visit restaurants incognito. (Go to see someone or something for a specific purpose)

- We need more people to visit our webpage. (Access and view a website)

- Injustice has visited upon him all his life. (Inflict harm on someone)

- Neighbors visit with each other in the lobby. (Chat informally, North American)


Now, as a noun:


- A visit to the doctor at least once a year is advisable. (The act of visiting)

- He presented her with a visit to Paris. (A temporary stay at a place)

- We had a quick visit on the phone. (An informal chat, North American)


As a noun it is also very commonly used in the phrase ‘pay a visit’:


- I always pay my cousin a visit when I go to London. (Go to see someone or temporarily stay with someone or at a place)


発音は/ˈvɪzɪt/ です。いつものように、最後に「O」の音はありませんので気をつけてください。「V」の音をするために、上の歯は下の唇に置いて、空気をブロウします。音節は2つです。