WOTW: waste

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - waste


今週のWOTWは『waste』です。’Waste’ is not only a verb or a noun, it can also be an adjective. Let’s see!


As a verb:

- Don’t waste water, please. Turn off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth. (expend unnecessarily)

- A 300,000 yen purse? Why would you waste your money like that? (spend carelessly)

- Years wasted and suddenly one day he came back. (talking of time - pass by, literary)

- The ongoing civil war is wasting the country. (devastate or ruin a place)


Now, as an adjective:


- Waste materials must be thoroughly separated before recycling. (no longer useful or discarded)

- Can waste grounds be public space? (an area of land in the city that isn’t used for anything or is abandoned)



Let’s have a look at ‘waste’ as a noun now:


- Why is the light in the bathroom on when no one is using it? What a waste! (using or expending of something in a careless, irresponsible manner or without a purpose)

- Nuclear waste from Fukushima needs to be talked about with transparency. (unusable or unwanted material or substances)

- The wastes of the English moors make for formidable hiking places. (used in its plural form, large barren and uninhabited areas)


There are also some phrasal verbs and phrases with waste:


- [waste away] She slowly wasted away until she finally died. (become weaker)

- [go to waste] I was so sad to see the village go to waste, but without children and the youth leaving for the big city, there was nothing that could be done about it. (become old and unused)

- [lay waste to (or lay something (to) waste)] Berlin was laid to waste after the bombs in WW2. (completely destroy)

- [waste of space] Our politicians are such a waste of space. (informal, an incompetent or useless person)


Finally, we’ll say bye this week with a proverb that we hope you all agree with:


"Waste not, want not."


It means that if you use something carefully you will never be in need. So be crafty and frugal, everybody!


発音は /weɪst/ です。「T」の後は『O』の音はありませんので、気をつけてください。音節は1つです。