WOTW: wind

| - Gorka Dieitz-Sanxurxo |

triplo word of the week - wind


今週のWord of the Weekは「wind」です. “Wind” can be a noun and a verb. It is probably not the word you’re thinking, so keep reading to know more! Hint: it doesn’t blow and it’s pronounced /wʌɪnd/.


Let’s begin with the verb, which is irregular, that is “wind” is “wound” in the past.


- The road winds among lush trees and cute cottages. (Move in or take a twisting or spiral course.)

- I didn’t have a hat so I wound a shawl around my head. (Pass (something) round a thing or person so as to encircle or enfold.)

- She winds threads into balls so that her cat is entertained. (Repeatedly twist or coil (a length of something) round itself or a core.)

- Ivy winds around the house, making it cooler in summer. (Be twisted or coiled around something)

- I wound the handle as fast as I could but I couldn’t start the old car. ( Turn (a key or handle) repeatedly round and round.)

- I still remember when I had to wind the cassettes to listen to them again. (Cause (an audio or video tape or a film) to move back or forwards to a desired point.)


It’s time for the noun now.


- He made a wind left and disappeared. (A twist or turn in a course.)


Phrasal verbs are always interesting!


- [wind down] The clock is winding down. (Gradually lose power.)

- [wind down] I like to wind down with a cup of tea. (Relax after stress or excitement.)

- [wind down] The party wound down as people started to leave. (Come gradually to a close.)

- [wind up] You’ll wind up losing your job if you continue to act this way. (Arrive or end up in a specified state, situation, or place.)

- [wind up] Don’t ask how I would up here. I can’t remember anything from last night. (Arrive or end up in a specified state, situation, or place.)

- [wind someone up] Stop winding your sister up! (Tease or irritate someone.)

- [wind someone up] Why are you all wound up? It was only a joke! (Make tense or angry.)

- [wind something up] Okay, let’s wind it up so we all can go home. (Gradually or finally bring an activity to a conclusion.)

- [wind something up] Is Kodak still around? I thought they had wound up. (Dissolve a company.)

- [wind something up] I like the sound of the engines winding up before a Formula 1 race. (Increase the tension, intensity, or power of something.)